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Gain insights into small business energy savings

07.20.17 | The split incentive problem, limited capital for large investments, limited staff time and concern about business disruptions make energy conservation a tough sell to small businesses. Low-cost behavior change approaches overcome some of the monetary hurdles, but face other challenges. Seventhwave recently teamed up with ILLUME Advising to study the human and technical potential of behavior change among businesses with less than 100 employees across Minnesota. Discuss study results during a live webinar on July 26—register today.
Topics: behavior change

Be prepared—this is a must read

07.18.17 | Looking to familiarize yourself with the concept of climate-resilient building design? Check out Smart Cities: Foundations, Principles and Applications, chapter 22 (authored by Seventhwave's Saranya Gunasingh, Scott Schuetter and Doug Ahl). You’ll get a better understanding of current greenhouse gas reduction policies and programs, as well as their shortcomings, and learn a method to incorporate future climate impact data into building design.
Topics: climate resilience

Seventhwave pushes the ‘energy-efficiency envelope’ in commercial and residential buildings

07.17.17 | The U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Beat Blog highlights a few of Seventhwave's recent initiatives: window-to-wall ratio, commercial plug load and rooftop units. Read the full post.
Topics: sustainable design, plug load, HVAC

Seventhwave selected to scale up next generation of building efficiency

07.11.17 | The U.S. Department of Energy has selected Seventhwave and its partners to study and discover the energy and cost savings associated with integrated controls. "Seventhwave is proud to contribute to a national effort to drive innovation in reducing energy usage of our nation’s commercial buildings. We will investigate and share the impacts and trade-offs from integrating LED lighting, daylighting, plug load controls, and zone air flow controls," said Scott Hackel, Director of Engineering for Seventhwave. "This can empower owners and designers to aim for a higher level of energy performance, and improve indoor environmental quality—which also benefits building occupants." Seventhwave will partner with leading lighting control, plug load control, and window film providers as well as Xcel Energy, the State of Illinois, Hennepin County, and the University of Minnesota to test this approach in the Midwest. Read the U.S. DOE's full announcement.
Topics: plug load, lighting, daylighting