Implementation of successful daylighting control systems

Thursday, February 28, 2013 · available on-demand

1 hour 30 minutes

Daylighting control, or daylight harvesting, has become a common energy-savings strategy when designing for sustainability. Although automatic daylighting controls are growing in popularity, several barriers still exist to successfully implement these technologies in mainstream construction.

Best practices suggest that successful automatic daylighting controls require a significant commissioning effort (including calibration and functional testing) in order to reach full energy-savings potential. In this webinar, Hackel and Schuetter will discuss their research findings from monitoring and commissioning several daylighting control systems in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Field performance results will be shared and guidelines for successful execution, startup and commissioning of these systems will be addressed. (Former Energy Center engineer Mark Vincent, PE, LEED AP also contributed to the research findings revealed during this webinar.)

Who should watch?

Lighting contractors, electricians, energy program design and implementation professionals, lighting designers, architects, building owners, commercial building energy advocates, interior designers, property managers, facility managers, utility representatives and anyone interested in lighting technologies.

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