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As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the components of grocery and convenience store facilities use energy and their respective impact on utility bills.
  • Discuss the basic operation of refrigeration, lighting and HVAC systems in grocery and convenience store facilities.
  • Explain energy cost saving opportunities related to refrigeration, lighting and HVAC systems in grocery and convenience store facilities.
  • Describe results of a recent Minnesota Department of Commerce Conservation Applied Research and Development grant study for convenience stores.
  • Explain the resources available through incentive programs such as Focus on Energy, Wisconsin's energy efficiency program, and locate additional resources to support energy efficiency initiatives in grocery and convenience store facilities.

Who should attend?
Grocery and convenience store owners, managers and maintenance personnel; facility managers; energy program implementers; property developers; sales engineers; lighting designers; HVAC contractors; refrigeration technicians; electricians and anyone with basic knowledge and interest in grocery and convenience store facility operations.

Refrigeration, lighting and HVAC equipment can account for more than 90 percent of the energy use in grocery and convenience store facilities. Join to review the basic operations of these systems and potential energy savings opportunities. We’ll be sure to address how our recommendations apply to grocery stores versus convenience stores and provide a summary of opportunities, additional resources and next steps. Focus on Energy will also provide information about the resources available to assist in moving energy efficiency initiatives forward. We’ll save some time at the end of the webinar for your specific questions and answers.

Course outline


Overview of energy use in stores

  • Energy use profiles and breakdowns
  • Review MN CARD grant research on convenience stores

Overview of high energy users

  • Lighting technology and opportunities
  • HVAC technology and opportunities
  • Refrigeration technology and opportunities

Examples of economic energy efficiency

  • Lighting energy and cost savings
  • HVAC energy and cost savings
  • Refrigeration energy and cost savings


Focus on Energy presentation

Question and answer

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