Wednesday, February 17, 2016 · available on-demand

30 minutes

LEDs: inside and out

This webinar is part one of our lunch and learn webinar series. Also see part two: LED exterior applications.

As a result of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify lighting applications for LED solutions.
  • Describe LED screw in, TLED, retrofit kit and new fixture solutions.
  • Explain potential pitfalls that may exist when using LED as a specific lighting solution.
  • Pursue LED opportunities at your facility.

Who should attend?
Architects, engineers, building owners, lighting and electrical contractors, facility managers, school facilities officials, healthcare facilities officials, manufacturers, dealers and distributors, lighting designers, interior designers and anyone interested in commercial building design.

POP QUIZ: Test your LED lighting knowledge
LED lighting
LED lighting II

There is an LED solution for virtually every lighting application today. The critical questions are: Can I afford it? Does it deliver light where I need it? Does it deliver correct light levels? Does it provide the proper quality of light? We’ll review interior LED lighting applications and discuss whether they are the best solution or not.


  • Wet location
  • TLEDs
  • New fixtures (high and low bay)

Foundries and pools—high heat

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and cold storage

  • TLEDs
  • New fixtures
  • Replace 6LT8 with LED platform

Convenience store

  • Store ceiling
  • Display lighting
  • Back room lighting and controls

Schools, offices, hospitality, healthcare and worship

  • Track (MR-16 and Par 30 and 38)
  • Downlighting (BR30, par, trim kits and plug in LED)
  • Chandeliers (decorative LED)
  • Troffers (TLED direct wire, ballast driven and driver driven)
  • Retrofit kits
  • New fixtures
  • Controls (wireless, dimming and daylight harvesting)

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