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Impacts of offfice plug load reduction strategies

2016 | Seventhwave, along with the Center for Energy and Environment and LHB, conducted a field research study to demonstrate and measure savings from potential plug load reduction strategies in office buildings. We also characterized the types of devices and baseline usage in those offices, and... MORE


Energy savings from implementing and commissioning demand control ventilation

2015 | Demand control ventilation (DCV) systems use sensors—generally either CO2 or occupancy sensors—to estimate the actual number of people in an area and supply only as much ventilation air as is needed at a given time. DCV has the potential to save a substantial portion of building... MORE


Find and flip: motivating high energy users to save energy

2015 | Prepared by Cool Choices and Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin). MORE


Performance of water-source variable refrigerant flow: measurement and verification of two installed systems

2015 | Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems have developed into a promising emerging technology. While popular in some places in the world, these systems are quite new to the upper Midwest. The systems are an innovative version of a simple split system air conditioner that utilizes variable... MORE

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Implement and commission demand control ventilation to capture significant energy savings

2015 | Summary of findings from a field study of DCV system performance. MORE


Application of air source variable refrigerant flow in cold climates: a white paper

2015 | This white paper outlines the optimal control strategies for designing and operating air source VRF systems in cold climates. MORE

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Adjusting lighting levels in commercial buildings

2015 | Summary of findings from task tuning research. MORE


Adjusting lighting levels in commercial buildings: energy savings from institutional tuning

2015 | Task tuning is one form of lighting control that can be used in commercial buildings to save energy. It involves dimming lights in a space so that the average illuminance at the working plane is appropriate for the type of use in that space. Task tuning has the potential to save energy... MORE


When above average is not good enough: results from a study of high-energy-using homes in Minnesota

2015 | Article by Jeannette LeZaks and Ingo Bensch, Home Energy Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015. MORE


Promoting quality installation of central AC and heat pump systems

2014 | This presentation explored quality installation and maintenance practices for residential central air conditioning and air source heat pump systems in Minnesota. It covers key technical aspects of ensuring optimal system performance from new and existing systems, and surveys the... MORE