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Promoting quality installation of central AC and heat pump systems

2014 | This presentation explored quality installation and maintenance practices for residential central air conditioning and air source heat pump systems in Minnesota. It covers key technical aspects of ensuring optimal system performance from new and existing systems, and surveys the... MORE


Designing a new utility business model? Better understand the traditional one first

2014 | By Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin; Jim Barrett and Casey J. Bell, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (from ACEEE Summer Study proceedings, 2014) ABSTRACT There appears to be a consensus among energy efficiency advocates that traditional utility regulation... MORE


Does disruptive competition mean a death spiral for electric utilities?

2014 | By Elisabeth Graffy and Steven Kihm, Energy Law Journal, May 2014. Also download the article summary. MORE

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Project profile: Impacts of climate change on energy use

2014 | We modeled the impact of climate change on NASA's space center in Mississippi to reveal that future predicted energy use will likely be about the same as today; temperature extremes could push energy use as much as 40 percent higher over brief periods. MORE


KEEP enrichment pilot: activity summary and results

2014 | This report describes our pilot efforts to test the infusion of more near-term energy savings efforts alongside KEEP’s energy education mission; presents the results of those efforts and makes suggestions for future activities. In order to acknowledge KEEP’s long-term energy education... MORE


SGIG consumer behavior study: Minnesota Power AMI behavioral research pilot

2013-2016 | Minnesota Power is a winter peaking investor-owned electric utility with ~145,000 customers in its ~26,000 square mile service territory that covers central and northeastern Minnesota. The utility's Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) project includes a two-phase consumer behavior study... MORE


Drain water heat recovery: a field study of commercial applications

2013 | Drain water heat recovery (DWHR) as discussed in this report is the recovery of useful heat through a heat exchanger placed in the building drain system. This project was an effort to characterize the performance of drain water heat recovery systems as installed in commercial facilities. The... MORE


Searching for savings opportunities in commercial new construction programs

2013 | Utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs for commercial new construction are designed to push building efficiency beyond what is required through compliance with building codes. Yet there are opportunities for increasing the efficiency of new commercial buildings through these programs... MORE


Identifying the impacts of Cool Choices' game at Miron Construction: energy savings from player actions

2013 | This report summarizes findings from a billing analysis and participant interviews a year after the end of the game at Miron Construction. Participants scored by taking and reporting sustainable actions related to energy, water, indoor air quality, waste management and food. Impacts of the... MORE

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Tip sheet: Calibration and commissioning for energy savings from daylighting