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Utility energy efficiency programs and manufacturing facilities: connections in the Great Lakes region

2013 | The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of energy efficiency programs on manufacturers. This research was funded by the Joyce Foundation. MORE


Commissioning for optimal savings from daylight controls

2013 | Automatic daylighting control is an energy savings strategy employed in many sustainable building projects. While considerable effort is often expended in the architectural and lighting design of daylighting control strategies, the actual execution of the controls is an area for substantial... MORE


Minnesota stakeholder meetings for energy savings goals

2013 | In late October and early November 2013, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) held two stakeholder meetings and four technical workgroup meetings with identified parties to gather input on the state’s energy savings goals. These meetings were held pursuant to a directive from the Minnesota... MORE


Performance of an LED lighting system in a parking application

2013 | The Energy Center completed a study of the performance of the LED lighting system at The Brewery parking structure in Milwaukee, Wisconsin including energy use monitoring over a two-year period. The study, funded by Focus on Energy and We Energies, included illuminance measurements within... MORE

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Drain water heat recovery: a field study of commercial applications

2013 | Drain water heat recovery (DWHR) as discussed in this report is the recovery of useful heat through a heat exchanger placed in the building drain system. This project was an effort to characterize the performance of drain water heat recovery systems as installed in commercial facilities. The... MORE


Searching for savings opportunities in commercial new construction programs

2013 | Utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs for commercial new construction are designed to push building efficiency beyond what is required through compliance with building codes. Yet there are opportunities for increasing the efficiency of new commercial buildings through these programs... MORE


Miron Construction's iChoose Game: results of a post-game survey and analysis

2012 | The Energy Center analyzed the impact of a game implemented by Cool Choices for employees at Miron Construction Company in 2011. MORE


Energy efficiency investment: turning utilities from reluctant to eager

2012 | Paper for ACEEE 2012 Summer Study by Gary Ambach and Sean Weitner, Michaels Energy; Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin. Energy efficiency programs often presume their cost recovery mechanisms are sufficient to motivate investor-owned utility involvement. This stance is at odds with... MORE


Accelerating energy efficiency one hour at a time: the internal, external and social returns of online education programs

2012 | Paper from the ACEEE 2012 Summer Study. Has the combination of convenience, accessibility and variety of the Energy Center's online programs made a difference in the professional lives of our learners? In this paper, we examine the internal, external and social returns of producing online... MORE