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Caution: Study is no breakthrough
07.09.15 | Scott Pigg warns not to read too much into a recent study of savings from weatherization programs that has generated buzz in the mainstream press. Read his blog post. MORE


Manufactured homes study
05.12.15 | The manufactured home market offers an affordable housing option—and sometimes the only option—for many would-be homeowners. Residents of manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) are more likely to be low-income than residents of other single... MORE


Minnesota multifamily rental characterization study
04.11.14 | The study was completed on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Commerce to characterize energy use in the state's multifamily sector and to identify untapped energy efficiency opportunities. Working with Franklin Energy, the field study gathered... MORE
Central Air Conditioning in Wisconsin: A Compilation of Recent Field Research
09.20.12 | Central air conditioning is an important and fast-growing electrical load among Wisconsin households. This report compiles key findings from several recent research efforts to better understand the nature of central air conditioning electricity use... MORE
Field Study of Exterior Duct Leakage in New Wisconsin Homes
09.20.12 | This report summarizes a field study of exterior duct leakage in 19 new Wisconsin homes. The goals of the study were to quantify duct leakage in homes with exterior duct runs and to compare several methods for assessing duct leakage. MORE
Carbon and Home Energy Use
09.20.12 | Our carbon and home energy use fact sheet presents facts about household CO2 emissions and where opportunities exist to reduce our carbon footprint. MORE
Energy and Rental Housing: A Wisconsin Characterization Study
09.20.12 | This study characterizes Wisconsin rental housing in energy-related terms. It is based on a statewide sample of 180 rental properties, ranging from single-family rental homes to large apartment buildings. The findings are based on detailed on-site... MORE
Variable-Speed Furnaces Come of Age
09.20.12 | Article written by Scott Pigg. Posted with permission from Wisconsin Perspective magazine, the primary source of information for the plumbing, heating, and cooling channel across the state of Wisconsin. MORE
Electricity Use by New Furnaces: A Wisconsin Field Study
09.20.12 | Field tests and monitoring of 31 new Wisconsin furnaces showed that multi-stage furnaces with electronically commutated blower motors (ECMs) use significantly less electricity than conventional new condensing furnaces, especially when operated in... MORE
Field Study of Ventilation in New Wisconsin Homes
09.20.12 | Report examines the effectiveness of various ventilation techniques in two dozen new Wisconsin homes, 18 of which were Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® homes. The study covers bathroom and kitchen fans, central exhaust-only systems, heat recovery ventilators... MORE
Wisconsin Residential Moisture Monitoring Project
09.20.12 | Wisconsin Residential Moisture Monitoring Project: A Field Study (213-1): This field study examines moisture performance of common residential wall systems. Moisture in Cold-Climate Wall Systems (336-1): This case study examines moisture performance... MORE
Energy and Housing in Wisconsin: A Study of Single-Family Owner-Occupied Homes
09.20.12 | This is the residential characterization study—the first and most complete picture of energy use and energy efficiency in Wisconsin housing. Established a baseline of energy use and verified the energy savings potential of the Wisconsin housing... MORE
Wisconsin Residential Rental Sector Pilot Study
09.20.12 | Report summarizes research conducted with residential renters and their landlords to characterize the rental market. Information was collected on rental unit, the building, ownership structure, other rental properties owned or managed, and attitudes... MORE
Recent Trends in Wisconsin Residential Gas Use
09.20.12 | Examines trends in residential gas usage in Wisconsin, focusing on an apparent decline in average gas usage in the late 1990s. MORE
Estimating Wisconsin Residential Space Heating Loads
09.20.12 | This study used a computer model to estimate space-heating loads in Wisconsin homes. Researchers estimated electricity and gas consumption patterns for homes in some Wisconsin utility service territories, showing how factors such as insulation,... MORE


Move existing manufactured homes toward efficiency
09.13.16 | The manufactured home market offers an affordable housing option—and sometimes the only option—for many would-be homeowners. Residents of manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) are more likely to be low-income than residents of other... MORE
Residential high energy users: causes and opportunities
12.04.14 | High energy users in single-family homes present the greatest opportunities for energy and cost savings, yet relatively little is known about what is happening in these homes or how energy efficiency and utility programs can engage these consumers... MORE